The Biodynamics Model BIA 310 Body Composition Analyzer
The BIA 310 is a rechargeable, portable whole-body bioimpedance analyzer.

It measures bioresistance and reactance using a safe 50 KHz current, then calculates percent body water and body fat, fat and lean body weight, and basal metabolic rate.

The analyzer comes with a built-in printer so it does not have to be connected to a PC. The printout includes recommendations for percent body fat and target weight. Input and output can be in either English or metric units.

The Model 310 was developed several years ago and is backed by extensive clinical research. Unique to Biodynamics analyzers are population-specific equations that compute body fat by body type. Test results are, on average, within 1.5 percentage points of body fat, with high correlation (r=0.97) to hydrostatic testing.

The Model 310 is among the most affordable analyzers on the market. Each unit is fully guaranteed, including a one year service warranty. The 310 is used by Johns Hopkins and 82 other hospitals; 33 colleges and universities; the University of San Francisco School of Medicine; the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps; and hundreds of doctors, chiropractors and fitness centers.

Results are printed using the analyzer's built-in thermal printer. The analyzer is powered by a built-in nickel-cadmium battery pack. Carrying case, battery charger, patient cable, sensor pad electrodes, print rolls, and user's guide are included.